Sam Sterling Silver Box


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Handcrafted sterling silver hinged box.

This whimsical little box has eyes, a mouth and a nose. I call him Sam but I am sure he would be happy to adopt another name.

I played with the angles of the front, back and top of the box to give it a very unique look.

Shiny finish outside, matte finish inside.

This fun little box is always looking back at you. A great little pill, presentation or treasure box.

The box does not have a “clasp mechanism” (Sam just can’t keep his mouth shut) so it is best suited for having on display or keeping things on your desk or bedside table. Perfect for holding pills or earrings or other small treasures.

The box measures:

Length 20.4 mm (0.8 inch)
Height 38.1 mm (1.5inch)
Width 22.8 mm (0.9 inch)

I work with recycled metal – all metals have been reclaimed.

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