Reticulated Silver Treasure Box


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Handcrafted reticulated silver and sterling silver box.

This box would make a lovely little pill, treasure or presentation box.

The sides and the top of this box are made from reticulation silver, the bottom is composed of sterling silver. The top of the box forms a tight pressure fit seal.

Reticulation is a really fun process with silver. There are a lot of steps involved and it comes out differently every time. The metal is heated and treated at least six times to achieve the finished look.

The silver is “reticulation silver” which is composed of 80% fine silver and the rest is copper.

A very unique box that because of the dendritic nature of reticulation silver is tricky to craft.

The box measures:
20.7 mm height (0.80 inch)
33 mm length (1.3 inch
26.2 mm width (1 inch)

One of a kind art metal box.

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