Pleiades Presentation Box In Sterling Silver And Gold

Hand fabricated sterling silver box with 18 karat yellow gold accents placed to represent the constellation of Pleiades – sometimes called The Seven Sisters.

The top of the box was drilled to create holes where the stars for the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades would be in the night sky. The distances between each is proportional to the real sky.

The holes for the seven sisters have been accented with beaded 18K gold wire. The wires have some movement – just a little bit – they are “pinned beads of gold”.

I created a horizontal scratch pattern to give a sky-like appearance to the box.

The top mates with the bottom to create a nice pressure fit.

Everything starts out as a flat sheet of metal. Lots of careful measurement, sawing, filing, sanding, and polishing happens then.

This box could be the perfect way to present a wedding or engagement ring or other very special small gift.

This box was really fun to make – if you are interested in a box with a different star pattern – please contact me and we can talk about your ideas.

The dimensions of the box are:

39 mm length (1.5 inch)
21.1mm height (0.83 inch)
31 mm width (1.22 inch)

I work with Harmony recycled metals – all metals have been reclaimed.

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