Mystic Eye Drusy Sterling Silver Box


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This box was inspired by the amazing gemstone that is bezel set onto the top.

Completely hand fabricated by me from reclaimed precious metal and a natural gemstone.

I wanted a container that would be a place to hold matches or paperclips or other “doodads” on a desk or dresser. I can also imagine it as a place where you place your rings or earrings at night.

The gemstone on the top is a natural drusy stone, oval in shape, with a white background. It has a center “deep black pupil” with dendrites that radiate from it. This gemstone is completely natural and is cut from a Brazilian geode – a fantastic gemstone.

The gem cutter calls this a “mystic eye drusy” and tells me it is rarer than rare. I have never seen anything like it so I agree!

The back of the stone is also beautiful so I have made the container so that you can see the back of the stone from the inside. As soon as I saw this stone I wanted it and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

The gemstone is bezel set in sterling silver that conforms to the shape of this natural stone. Drusy stones show the natural, sparkling crystal formation. The back of the stone is polished.

The drusy gemstone measures 30.5 mm x 20.8 mm oval 19.4 carat

The box is made of heavy weight reclaimed sterling silver with a hinge. The finish on the box is what I would call “rough polish”.

The box measures:
2.1 inch width (53 mm)
1.5 inch depth (38 mm)
0.5 inch height (12.7 mm)

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