Anticlastic Cuff Bracelet In Sterling Silver


An anticlastic sterling silver cuff bracelet, handcrafted by me.

I made this bracelet using anti-clastic forging techniques – this method is a really fun process for me and I love the results.

With anticlastic raising (forging) the metal that I begin with is less “weighty” than most of my other cuff bracelets. This bracelet is lightweight, but very strong – because of the way it is made.

I gave this bracelet a oxidized matte finish.

the curled ends allow the cuff to slide on and off the wrist without scratching the skin.

The bracelet is very lightweight yet very strong due to the nature of anticlastic forming.

The cuff bracelet is 1 inch in the middle and tapers to 0.5 inch on the ends. The bracelet measures 6.5 inches which includes a once inch gap. (This is a standard cuff bracelet fit for an average sized female wrist.)

Because of the forging process the bracelet will only adjust a tiny bit – not a lot.

So, if you are interested in this bracelet in a smaller or larger size, please contact me about making one that is just for you.

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